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RE Cares about giving back to society:
Employing RE techniques and hackathon for Zurich

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RE Cares is a series of RE sessions and hackathon to work with real stakeholders to elicit and specify requirements, as well as to develop an initial design and prototype early features for an interactive assistant to help small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Switzerland without dedicated IT support, to assess security risks and provide resulting guidance.

All RE participants are welcome to join RE Cares. We particularly encourage students to join us. Check back here as we start to post early requirements and domain descriptions.


RE Cares is the initiative, along with the 2020 Requirements Engineering conference, intended to help society by adopting the latest software engineering research and practice as applied to important societal problems.


RE Cares is a new undertaking to apply our RE expertise and beyond to social issues and/or philanthropic undertakings in order to show we care and to "do good".

Workshop Format

RE Cares is designed to elicit requirements from multiple stakeholders. We currently talk to several SME stakeholders including an owner of a cybersecurity startup, a representative of the SME Association in Switzerland, and a hair dresser. 


We will hear the story of our stakeholders, their previous and current challenges, and the current app that they request (see vision statement below): 


 "For Small Business Owners and Managers who must conduct many of their operations on-line without in-house IT support, <the yet to be named RECares'2020 Product> is an interactive assistant that allows them to assess security risks associated with their business's on-line presence and recommends precautions to be taken.  Unlike competitor products, <the yet to be named RECares 2020 Product> targets the audience unfamiliar with computer security, and stresses interactivity....."


During the session, participants will raise questions in order to understand the different needs represented by the stakeholders. Then the participants will discuss requirements that were gathered ahead of time as well as continue to gather requirements from the stakeholders. 


Participants will apply their expertise in assisting to build specifications, to develop initial design, and to prototype a few features.

Beyond the Workshop: RE Cares is a Co-Located Event


After the Monday workshop, RE Cares will continue with a follow-on requirements elicitation session and a design session on Wednesday and an all day hackathon on Thursday.

Thinking about participating in RE Cares? Take our survey!

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